Who are Fotoconnexió's friends and collaborators?

Friends and Collaborators of Fotoconnexió are those institutions or entities that have common interests with the objectives and purposes of our association and that, freely and voluntarily, want to share them.
Regarding the Friends of Fotoconnexió, the relationship between both entities is specified with the signing of an agreement, while with the Collaborators it is done through a verbal agreement, by letter or email and, in both cases, the link with Fotoconnexió, it may be voluntarily terminated by either party.

The Friends and Collaborators of Fotoconnexió:

They are legal entities

(not natural persons) who do not have the right to form part of the Goberning Board nor can they vote in the General Assembly of Members of Fotoconnexió.

They have the right to receive and share

information on the activities of Fotoconnexió and they can give support to their projects, give media and / or spaces and use the respective logos on websites and social networks to spread the word.

Do you want to be our collaborator?

If you are interested in collaborating with us, you just have to fill in the request form and we will get in touch

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